Casa da Obra is a private property surrounded by a fence. It comprises Casa da Obra (parent company), Casa Nova, the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy, a Granary, Varanda dos Tios (balcony) to relax and enjoy the local peace and quiet and idyllic landscape, and it also has an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Garden, and Orchard.



Casa da Obra

Casa da Obra is a three-bedroom site

- A quadruple room (bunk beds);
- Edgar Cardoso room (a double room with a garden view);
- Twin room with en-suite bathroom;
- Two lavatories connected to the bedrooms – all this is on the first floor;
- On the ground floor there is a front hall;
- Fully equipped kitchen;
- A large dining room and living room with a bathroom.



Casa Drª Margarida

Casa Drª Margarida comprises:

- Two double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom;
- Fully equipped kitchen;
- A living room;
- Terrace.




Casa da Obra cares about the environment, particularly in terms of recycling, for which reason there are recycling banks in each house as well as outdoor areas.

There is free WI-FI in every area and free parking.

Its location and access should be noted – close to EN 222 – facing the East, and with wide horizons. Lots of room for heavy and light-weight vehicles to circulate. It is one hour away by car from Oporto’s International Airport.


  • Casa da Obra, Massorra - São João de Fontoura to Lamego, 19 miles.
  • Casa da Obra, Massorra - São João de Fontoura to Peso da Regua, 13 miles.
  • Its proximity to Resende is 3 miles.
  • In terms of railway, the journey between the station of Porto-Campanhã and the station of Ermida through the Douro Line takes 1 hour and 33 minutes.



  • Accommodation comprises two fully equipped Kitchenettes where you may prepare your own meals.
  • Guests are provided with a fireplace, a wood-burning stove, and all the comfort for preparing a bar-b-queue, as well as shower facilities.
  • There are leisure areas, a multi-purpose Tennis/Football field with a small seating area, and synthetic turf.
  • There is a large space for day and night-time walks, as well as sections with running water and bicycles for outdoor sports.
  • There is a mini vegetable garden and a garden with aromatic herbs and tea.

Casa da Obra – Alojamento Local is at the forefront of differentiating accommodations leaning towards customer satisfaction. Contemporary tourism in a welcoming and personal environment. There are handcrafted and home-made products with raw material from biological origin.
Casa da Obra would like to welcome our esteemed Clients.

We would also like to inform you that we have the conditions for weddings, baptisms, and other events.




A King-sized double bed and two bunk beds

A large double bed or two single beds

A King-sized double bed

Two double beds and a sofa bed

A large double bed or two single beds

Two bunk beds and a large double bed

A double bed